Why Stream your Live Event

When Full Stream Ahead produce an event for you, we don’t just want it to look and sound amazing, it has to benefit you and your brand.

Larger Audience

When you put on a conference or event, you are always limited on numbers due to the size of a venue. Sure, you can move to a bigger room, or a bigger venue, but then the costs start creeping up.

With a quality live stream broadcast, these limitations are lifted, and with the ability to download any required literature of the event straight from your personalised web page, the online viewers will get the same user experience as those in the venue.

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Urgent Content

People are 8x more likely to view video content online if it is live. This means that any content you record at an event and then make available online, just won’t be viewed by as many people as it would be live.

By live streaming your next event, you are creating that urgency amongst potential viewers that only live content can create.

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Increase Revenue

You won’t be restricted on ticket sales and venue size as you have an option for viewers to pay before they view.

You can also run ads or sponsored content before the conference/event and in-between breaks.

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More Interaction

Engage and interact with viewers by adding a chat box. Viewers can engage with you by commenting and starting discussion points.

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Stand Out!

It’s all about innovation. You want to make your event stand out in the 21st century, and a full scale live stream is the perfect way to do that.

Stand high above your competition with an unrivalled online broadcast, make your next event the leading light in your industry.

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