Whether you’re planning an event and want it broadcast across the world, or if you’ve just got a question about live streaming that needs answering, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.


Here are some of the most common questions we get asked, if none of these answer your question, feel free to give us a call.

We don’t just create a high quality stream of your event, we work with you see why you want to live stream and help you reach your objectives. We want you to get results from your next live stream.

It is primarily shown on your personal branded web page that you will be given. This page can include event information, notes on key speakers and downloads that viewers can access. Can also be embedded into your own site, or streamed on social media.

There are a few ways to restrict who can watch your stream. You can have the video stream:

  • Password Protected
  • Geographically Restricted
  • Pay Per View

There are many areas in your live stream that can be used to cater for sponsors, these can be sold to either part, or fully fund your entire event.

After a short conversation about your event, we will be able to provide you a list of everything we need, this often includes logos and branding guidelines to set up your webpage, any powerpoints, graphics or adverts that you want included in the live stream and access to somebody from your web team if you want to embed the broadcast on your own website.

While we always aim to broadcast at full HD, this will always be dependent on the internet connection at the venue. The connection will be checked in advance of your event, so we will be able to let you know if there are any limitations, if the connection is too slow, we can use our own kit to provide our own WIFI signal.

While having a good, fast broadband connection is beneficial, it’s not crucial. When the video leaves our software, we send it in various levels of quality, so when you press play the other end, it will be able to play you the highest quality version that your current internet can handle.

Not really a question, but that’s ok. If you still want your event streamed, we can work with your current crew to take a video feed directly off them, you can have access to exactly the same features as usual, the only difference is that the video footage will be coming from them, not us.

Full Stream Ahead have a tremendous eye for detail and a fantastic attitude. Whatever event they’re working on, it’ll look good once they’re done with it! – Claire Dixon – CMD productions

Full Stream Ahead are exceptionally fast, and their productions are always cleverly put together. A pleasure to work with. – David Fuller – Rebel Wisdom

Full Stream Ahead have given tremendous value for money, took time to understand our requirements, they were efficient, professional and very likeable. – Jo Alcock – Marton Pool

Quality of the production was excellent, I would not hesitate to recommend Full Stream Ahead’s services to anybody looking to live stream their next event. – Richard Lawley – The Green Arena

Our recent broadcast has helped expand our reach to people all over the world, creating a production and web page which reflected our brand was key in achieving our targets. – Jordan Khaira – Epson LTD

Helped us to expand the reach of our conference, and looked great at the same time! Can’t wait for next year. – Lease Finance LTD